Glossary of Eye and Ear Disorders

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Occular Support System
6 occular muscles allow for movement of each eye through the six cardinal gazes
Elastic skin folds which distribute tears and protect anterior eye
Three layers of eyeball
The outermost supporting layer, The middle Vascular layer, the innermost neural layer
The outermost supporting layer consists of
Conjunctiva, cornea, sclera
Blends and directs rays of light to the retina
The middle vascular layer consists of ?
The iris, the ciliary body, the choroid
The innermost neural layer consist of ?
the retina
Thin simitransparent layer of nerve tissue that forms the innermost lining of the eye
The center of the retina contains:
Macula, fovea, point of finest vision
Area where only cones are present, damage here severely reduces central vision

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