Glossary of Exit of Cranial Nerves

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Oculumotor Nerve
ventrally from fossa between cerebral peduncles
Trochlear Nerve
dorsally from pontomedullary juntion caudal to the inferior colliculus
Trigeminal Nerve
rostral third of pons (laterally)
Abducens Nerve
middle of pontomedullary junction (just lateral to pyramid)
Facial Nerve
pontomedullary junction just medial to VIII
Vestibulocochlear Nerve
lateral pontomedullary junction
Glossopharyngeal nerve
fascicles from groove above the olive
Vagus Nerve
fascicles from groove above olive
Accessory Nerve
cranial part: fascicles from groove above the olive
spinal part: C1-C6
Hypoglossal Nerve
groove between the olive and the pyramids

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