Glossary of Exam one of Medical-Surgical Nursing

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Difference of the theories of stress
Selye's theory-a non specific response of the body to any demand on it (negative or positive)

GAS theory-has three stages:
Alarm, Resistance and Exhaustion

Lazarus' theory-Stress=demands>resource
events are appraised for their own meaning.
Alarm Phase of GAS
"Fight or Flight"
↑hr, ↑rr (blowing off CO2) ↑ Glycogenolysis (hyperglycemia)
bv constrict and pupils dilate
Resistance Phase of GAS
Physical health, # of stressors and coping strategies may affect amount of resistance
Exhaustion Phase of GAS
All energy for adaptation in exhausted
May return to Alarm Phase
May be terminal
The four mediators to the impact of Stress as a stimulus
Sense of Coherence
Hassles vs. Uplifts
Internal Locus of Control
You drive life
[ goooood ;) ]
External Locus of Control
life drives you
[ wicked bad ]
Primary and Secondary Appraisal
Primary Appraisal-Assess to see if the situation is negative/dangerous
Secondary Appraisal-Assess teh resourse
Specific antibodies are are made on lymphocytes when a foreign body enters.
Allows for a quicker response during next exposure
Ability to distinguish self from nonself
Response slacks off to prevent damage to bodies own cells. In alergic pt-this mechanism is hard to do.
Different organism & foreign material are attacked in the correct way to stop them.

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