Glossary of Environmental Science: C.9 FOOD pp.226-251.

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Poor health condition caused by not consuming enough necessary food.
What is Malnutrician? p228
A period when rainfall is less than average, causing crop failure.
What is Drought? p229
A widespread food shortage.
What is Famine? p.229
The amount of crops produced per unit area of land.
What are Yields? p.229.
Farmers who grow only enough food for their family.
What are Subsistence Farmers?
Fertile land that can be plowed to grow crops.
What is Arable Land? p.231
The loose surface layer of soil.
What is Topsoil? p. 232
The wearing away of topsoil by wind and water.
What is Erosion? p.234
The clearing of trees from an without replacing them.
What is Desertification? p235.
A procedure in which the seeds of the next crop are planted in slits cut into the soil through remains of the previous crop.
What is No-Till Farming? p.237
Farming that does not use a lot of energy, pesticides, fertilizer, and water
What is Low Input Farming?
Any organisms that are not wanted or that exists in large enough number to cause damage.
What is a Pest? p.240.
A substance that kills pests.
What is a Pesticide? p.241.
The ability of the pest population to tolerate a particular pesticide.
What is Tolerance? p.241.
Pest control using living organisms or naturally produced chemicals.
What is Biological Pest Control? p.243.
Disease-causing organisms , such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites.
What are Pathogens? p. 244
Soil that supports the rapid growth of healthy plants.
What is Fertile Soil? (232)
The accumulation of salts in the soil.
What is Salination? (238)

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