Glossary of English in the Caribbean

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Who were the first European peoples to explore and trade by sea?
The Portuguese and the Spanish
Give 2 problems that the new riches caused for Spain.
Spain was now open to attacks as her vessesls laden with treasures were attacked at sea and foreigners were now trading illegally with Spanish colonies
Give 1 more problem.
rapid price increase and this inflation took away the values of the new wealth
Give 3 reasons why the English came to the new world.
to break Spain's monopoly of trade and settlement and unemplyment at home and the desire to make a new start in life
Give 2 more reason.
to aquire colonies for the production of tropical goods and lost of land in wars hence the prospect getting land
What cargos did English traders sell to the Spanish colonists in th New World?
cloth from England, fruit from the Mediterranean and the slaves from West Africa.
Name one well known English trader who was envoled in this trade.
Sir John Hawkins
Where did the English settle in the 17th cebtury and why?
In the lesser antillies, in the areas not occupied by the Spaniards.
Give 3 reasons why they settled on these areas?
1)the Spaniards in the greater antilles totally ignored the Lesser Antilles
2)To search for gold
3)they settled in only available areas
Give 2 more reasons.
1)to get a place to cultivate tropical products
2)the need to establish themselves in the Americas
Why was the proprietory system of government introduced?
the government of England did not want to spend too much money or waste valuable time on the new colonies since it was not then certain that they would turn to be profitable
What was the Western design?
a plan to rob the Spaniards of their empire in the Western Hemisphere

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