Glossary of English Lang Ap Terms

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Similarity or comparison between two different things.
Talking that directly addresses an absent person or abstraction.
unit that contains both a subject and a verb
useof slang or informalities
implied, non-dictionary meaning of a word
Dictionary definition of a word
Diction is author's word choice
teaching style of writing
figure of speech
device used to produce figuative language
a serious talk speech or lecture
loose sentence
the main idea comes first followed by phrases and clauses
substitution of one word for a closely related word.
ex. "the white house declared" not "the president declared
prevaling attitude or atmosphere in a work
overly scholarly or bookish
periodic sentence
presents central meaning in a main clause at end
ex. "ecstatic with my Ap scores, I let out a shout of joy."
predicate adjective
adjective(s) that follows a linking verb. Describes predicate.
ex. "my boyfriend is tall, dark, and handsome."
predicate nominative
noun(s) that renames subject and follows a linking verb.
ex. "Abe lincoln was a man of integrity"
describes principles governing good writing
rhetorical modes
1. exposition
2. argumentation
3. description
4. narration
study of meaning of words and their relation
subordinate clause
contains subject plus verb, but does not express complete thought and cannot stand alone. depends on main clause
how an author joins words into clauses sentences and ideas
tone describes authors attitude towards work or audience or both
writers attitude regarding subject of his writing
concrete detail
if asked to find or provide concrete evidence, quote or give direct examples
descriptive detail
writers sensory descriptions.
Figures of speech, syntax, diction, and other stylistic elements that collectively produce a particular artistic effect
analyze language- concentrate on how elements of language combine to form whole
narrative devices
tools of storytelling used to order events to the authors liking
narrative technique
style of telling the story
persuasive devices
look how words compliment authors argument
resourses of language
refers to all devices of composition
rhetorical features
tools of rhetoric, such as tone, diction, and imagery
rhetorical stucture
how a passage is constructed. look at organization and how writer combines images, details, or arguments to serve his or her purpose
sentence structure
look at types of sentences author uses. Look at variation or length.
Stylistic devices
all elements in language that contributes to style, such as diction, syntax, tone, attitude, figures of speech, connotation, or repetition.

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