Glossary of English Freshmen Martian Chronicles

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Where and when was Bradbury born?
When was the Martian Chronicles published?
What other book did Bradbury write?
Farenheit 451
What was happening during the 1950s?
shelter plans, nuclear threats from the soviet union and cuba. It was the height of the cold war and the nuclear arms race. Anticommunism and censorship, Racism- Jim Crow Laws, Technology advances, Space race and Exploration
What are some present missions?
2003- Mars express, Rover- launch 2003 arrival to mars 2004.
What was happening in New Mexico?
There was a crash in 1947 that was believed to be aliens. a witness was lorretta propter.
What are Chronicles?
a collection of written, dated entries that show progress of a particular plan, event, city, trip, ect...
What are some Chronicle features?
lack of smoothness, events= spontaneous, different people involved, no single continuous story, intended to be read by others(not personal)
What is extrapolation?
to infer or estimate by extending or projecting known information
What is tone?
the attitude a writer takes towards character or subject: sarcastic, ironic, satirical, tongue-in-cheek.
What is satire?
writing or art that pokes fun at society.
What is tongue in cheek?
you say something but you don't mean it (sarcasim).
What is a symbol?
a word or meaning that has a deeper meaning.
What is Personification?
Giving human qualitiesto animals or things
What is alliteration?
She sold sea shells by the sea shore.
What is a simile?
comparing 2 things using like or as
What does bradbury make fun of in his book?
Red tape, humans that have big ego and are self-centered, psychiaratists- not as sane as they say, throw away society, desperate house wives, people are afraid of change, people ignore different ideas, running away from things your afraid of, we pay taxes but when we want our rights we don't get them.
What is red tape?
1 person sends you to another and then they send you to another etc...

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