Glossary of English Final Miss Breen Semester 2 2006 English 1

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What is an epic poem?
long narrative poem about the deeds of gods or heroes
What is an epic hero?
the central character in a long poetic tale of adventure- usually undertakes a very dangerous voyage, demonstrating traits that are valued by the society in which the epic originates
What is character development?
The ways a character grows throughout the book
What is foreshadowing?
Hints in the plot that point to a future event in the book
What is plot?
The storyline of a book
What is sensory detail?
Description using the five senses; taste, touch, smell, hearing, sight
Name the order of the five paragraph essay:
introduction paragraph, 1st body paragraph, 2nd body paragraph, 3rd body paragraph, conclusion paragraph
What are are the four main sentences in an introduction paragraph of an essay?
1) Hook 2) title of book, author, and era book was written 3) Brief Summary of book (mentioning main character) 4) Thesis statement of essay
What is a hook?
An attention grabber that opens a paragraph or an essay
What are the four types of hooks?
Question, quotation, fact, story (anecdote)
What is a concrete detail?
Fact from the book, usually accompanied by a quotation from the book
What is a blended quotation?
A quotation from the book smoothly put into context with your own words
What is the purpose of a commentary sentence?
To explain why your concrete detail proves the theme of your paragraph
How many commentary sentences are needed for each concrete detail?

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