Glossary of English 2 Final Composition Terms

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the 1st sentence of a timed writing. A direct statement of the essay’s main point. Does not have to be but, generally is a single sentence
Bullet Thesis
specific sensory details, includes paraphrases and citations from text. Originates in text or the world. SYNONYMS: image, example, supporting evidence, specific details
Concrete Detail
student’s opinion, often in direct relationship to concrete details. Originates in the mind of the student. SYNONYMS: interpretation, personal response, analysis, explication, insight, reflection, speculation
The last step in editing. Might be done multiple times, but most necessary as a final step before publication or evaluation of writing.
Proof Reading
Identifies the main point of an essay. Generally once sentence in the 1st paragraph. Students are taught to state directly but mature writing may include implied thesis
(sentence structure); the way all parts of speech and clauses come together
o Noun, verb, conjunction, adjective, pronoun, interjection, adverb, preposition
(word choice); descriptive language used to express style and tone
the unique way an author uses syntax and diction together to communicate a specific theme in a work of literature
the personal ideas and memories associated with a word
the dictionary definition of a word

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