Glossary of End Of Life Care

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When is hospice care appropriate for the patient?
When a patient is in the terminal stage of a chronic condition and palliative care is needed such as pain control, supportive care and bereavement care for significant others.
How can the nurse assist the family to cope with their grief?
Be there. Listen.
What is hospice care? How does this differ from home health care?
Hospice is palliative care
Home Health is the treatment of a condition in the hopes of curing
What is an example of a physical and a behavioral intervention that may be used in addition to pharmacologic therapy to control pain?
breath control
What class of adjuvant medications enhance pain control?
What is palliative care?
Treatment of symptoms
How does morphine help relieve dyspnea?
helps sedate patient and relax them (slows breathing)which in turn enables other procedures to be succesfully performed such as suctioning
What is the drug of choice for severe pain?
MS (opioids)
What are some barriers to adequate pain control?
emotional (anxiousness)
What is meant by "round-the-clock" dosing for pain control?
not on a prn basis; given at specific times. prn meds usually given in addition to for breakthrough pain
How can the nurse help the dying person and family deal with the death event?
educate on what to expect
What are some signs of imminent death?
coolness of extremities
dec. intake (food & fluid)
inc. sleeping
incontinence, disorientation and restlessness
loud wet respirations
What must be done at the time of death by the family?
make burial arrangements
choose to or not to donate organs
What are the normal phases of grief?

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