Glossary of Elements of Music

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Elements of Music
1. Rythum
2. Melody
3. Harmony
4. Form
5. Timbre
6. Dynamics
7. Texture
Organization of time
a. beat: pulse of music
b. tempo: speed of beat
c. accent: emphasis (beats stand out)
d. meter: grouping of the beats
succession of single pitches, one note/sound at a time (horizontal)
More thatn one note @ a time (vertical)
Overall organization "road map" versus, chours, bridges, all have to do with the form
Timbre (tamber)
tone color ~ what instrument will play. have different sound "tone color" can be combined to make the "tone color"
fabric of music~how the are woven together
a. monophonic: one not/line/melody/thread
b. homohonic: melody w/ accompaniment ex. singer with band
c. polyphonic: several differnet lines/ seperate lines 2 or more played @the same time like converstions going on.
Define Music
Music is a form of human beharvior which sound and silence are organized into non-verbal communication
3 elements of the definition of music
1. human behavrior: music exist all over the world. done naturally by humands
2. Sound/silence: sounds maybe be a broad term familiar/unfamiliar
3. non-verbal comm.: music w/o lyrics can communicate
Programatic category of music
music that has a program/ intentional story behind it thru lyrics or purely intstumental w/ story behind it, based on a story
Absolute category of music
sound for the sake of sound. no story behind the music but could still express a feeling within the person listening.
Music Activities
1. Compose, create, improvisation
2. Perform
3. listen, analyze, describe, evaluate

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