Glossary of Earth environment and systems

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5 themes of geography
-sense of place
-human environmental relationships
essentails of a good map
3.5 billion years ago...
life evolved (bacteria)
largest intrusion, solidified magma (granite) w/in the Earth's surface
release of pressure w/in the Earth
largest continents
Eurasia, Africa, N.America, S, America, Antartica, India, Greenland
the once "Super" continent
continental drift
land masses shift over history (Alfred Wagner)
era-3million-10,000 (B.P.)
present era
6 kinds of climates
2.5 million years ago...
-early froms of human species
Donald Johansen
Discovered "Lucy"
a more recognizable from of homo sapian was discovered
100,000 years ago
4 steps-cultural revolution
global population estimate
6.4 bilion
U.S. population estimate
290 million
CA population estimate
34 million
O.C. population estimate
3 million

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