Glossary of Earth Science Vocabulary Chapter 2

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Material or data that can be measured and tested to verify a prediction.
A tentative explanation for an observation or phenomenon.
The practical application of science to meet human needs. It provides scientists with the means to gather accurate and reliable data.
scientific inquiry
observing, asking quesitons, forming a hypothesis, gathering data, testing the hypothesis, and sharing what has been learned.
peer review
editors at a scientific journal ask experts in the field to read the papers scientists have submitted and give their opinions.
an explanation for observable events or facts for which no exception has been found; generally a hypothesis that has been thoroughly tested and retested sucessfully.
scientific law
A generalization about how the natural world behaves under certain conditions - no exceptions have been found: for example, the law of gravity - no object dropped has ever fallen up.
the study of the Earth's structure
the study of weather and climate
the study of the universe
tools that have revolutionized science
computer and satellite

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