Glossary of Earth Science: The Sun: Vocabulary

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a pointed jet of gases from the top of the sun's chromosphere extending into the corona
a subatomic particle emitted by the sun that travels at the speed of light
the visible surface of the sun
the horizontal distance from one wave crest to the next
an eclipse in which the moon passes between the sun and the earth
solar eclipse
an instrument which separates light into its component wavelengths, permitting an identification of the elements in the light source
a severe, suddenly occurring storm on the sun that emits both rays and particles which can disrupt radio transmissions on the earth
solar flare
high-speed particles, mostly protons and electrons, traveling outward from the sun's corona
solar wind
the light outer part of a sunspot or shadow
a form of energy which includes visible light, ultraviolet, infrared, and x-rays
electromagnetic waves
the dark inner part of a sunspot
a cell in the sun's photosphere thought to result from convection currents bringing up heated gases from beneath the surface
relatively small, cooler dark area on the sun's surface believed to be associated with the sun's magnetic field
a state of matter formed at extremely hot temperatures
to remove electrons from atoms or to add electrons to atoms
the galaxy in which the sun is located
Milky Way
the edge of the sun's disk
the layer of gases that forms the inner part of the sun's atmosphere
an instrument used to observe the corona of the sun by making an artificial eclipse
the innermost part of the sun where thermonuclear reactions generate energy
a small, waferlike device which converts sunlight directly into electricity
solar cell
a series of thousands of microscopic lines ruled or molded onto a transparent surface which are tiny enough to interfere with light waves to produce a spectrum
diffraction grating
the extensive outer portion of the solar atmosphere
the outermost layer of the sun's interior, composed of hot gases
convective zone
streams of material that rise into and fall from the sun's corona
a calendar which ignores the lunar cycle
solar calendar
the middle region of the sun's interior where heat moves outward from the core by radiation
radiative zone

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