Glossary of Eagles Wings Chart 28 One Syllable ur sounds

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blur, slur, cur, spur, fur
burr, purr, lure, sure
ur = /'short u' r/
blurb, curb
ur = /'short u' r/ b
lurch, church
ur = /'short u' r/ ch
ur = /'short u' r/ d
surf, turf
ur = /'short u' r/ f
lurk, murk
ur = /'short u' r / k
burl, hurl, curl, purl (not pearl), churl, furl
ur = /'short u' r/ l
burn, urn, burnt, churn, spurn, turn (not tern)
ur = /'short u' r/ n
burp, slurp
ur = /'short u' r/ p
ur = /'short u' r/ st
blurt, curt, hurt, spurt
ur = /'short u' r/ t

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