Glossary of EAWS Common Core 107-111

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willingness of an object at rest or continue motion unless acted upon by an outside source.
rate of change and/or speed over a period of time.
rate of movement at any given time.
quickness or speed of an object at any given time. i.e MPH
Newton's First Law
an object at rest will remain at rest until acted upon by a force. (inertia)
Newton's Second Law
if an object moving with uniform speed is acted upon by an external force, acceleration directly proportional to force and inversely to mass. (force)
Newton's Third Law
for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
Bernoulli's Principle
when a constriction is reached, speed increases and pressure decreased.
small craft warning
harbor, inland waters
33 knots or less
harbor, inland waters, ocean
34-47 knots
harbor, inland waters, ocean
48 and above knots

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