Glossary of Drug Indications 2

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broncial asthma/acute allergic reaction/cardiac arrest/asystole/PEA/VF/and pulseless VT unresponsive to intial defibrillation/profound symp. brady.
supresses PVCs/VT W/ Pulse/VF/PSVTs W/ wide complex
Mag Sulfate
Seizures of enclampsia/Torsades/suspected Hypomagnesia/refractory VF/ status asthmaticus
Sodium Bicarb
Known bicarb responsive acidoses/intubated
pts. W/Long arrest time/Spontaneous circulationn after long arrest interval/tricylic antidepresent overdose/alkalinzation/management of acidoses/DKA
Pulmonary Edmea ass. W/ CHF Hepatic or renal disease
ischemic chest pain/pulmonary hypertension/CHF/Hypertensive emergencies
intial treatment of recurring VF and hemodynamically unstable VT refract to other therapy. refract PSVT in conjucction W/ cardioversion
Calcium Chloride
Hyperkalemia(except when ass. W/ digitalis toxcity) Hypocalemia after multiple blood tranfusions. calcium chnnel blocker toxcity. hypermagnesia/ to prevent hypotensive effects of calcium channel blocker agents(IV verapimil and diltiazem)
first drug of choice for most forms of narrow complex PSVTs and dysrhythmias ass. W/ bypass tracts such as WPW in adults and PEDS
Atropine Sulfate
Hemodynamically significant bradycardia/asystole/PEA w/absolute bradycardia/organophosphate or nerve gas poisoning/bronchospastic pulmonary disorders
mild pain or fever/prevention of platlet aggragation in ischemia or thromboembolism/unstable angina/prevention of MI or reinfarction
PSVTs A-Fibb/A-flutter W/rapid ventricular response. vasospastic and unstable angina/chronic stable angina
Hemodynamically signifigent hypotensiion in absense of hypovolemia
as a alternitave pressor to epinepherin in adult shock refractory V-fibb
vasodilatory shock
Acute anxiety states/ acute alcohol withdrawl/skelital muscle relaxation/seizure activity/premedication prior to countershock or TCP
Morphine Sulfate
Chest pain with ass. MI
Pulmonary edema W/ or W/O ass. pain
Moderate to severe acute and chronic pain
V Tach./ VF/ Wide complex Tach of uncertain origin/ signifigant Ventriculer ectopy in the setting of Myocardial ischemia/infraction

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