Glossary of Drug Conversions

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How many grains in 1 gram?
15 or 16 grains in 1 gram
How many milligrams in 1 grain?
60 or 65 mg/gr
How many minims (m) per milliliter
15 or 16 minims/ml
How many ml per dram?
4 mL per dram
How many ml in an ounce?
30 ml per ounce
How many ml per pint
500 ml in a pint
How many quarts per liter
1 quart = 1 liter
How many pounds per kg
2.2 lbs per kg
How many ml per tsp
5 ml per tsp
How many ml per Tablespoon
15 ml in a Tablespoon
How many inches in cm
0.39 inches = 1 cm
How many cm per inch
2.54 cm = 1 inch
What is milliequivalent
number of grams per cc of solution
one thousandth of 1 gram in 1 liter
one thousandth of 1 gram in 1 ml

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