Glossary of Destinos Ch 1-3, irregular verbs and present tense conjugations

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TO BE (infinitive)
(SER) I am
(yo) soy
(SER) you are (sing)
(tú) eres
(SER) he/she is
(él, ella) es
(SER) you (formal) are
(usted) es
(SER) we are
(nosotros) somos
(SER) you (pl) are
(vosotros) sois
(SER) they are
(ellos, ellas) son
(SER) you (pl formal) are
(Ustedes) son
(ESTAR) I am
(yo) estoy
(ESTAR) you are
(tú) estás
(ESTAR) he/she is
(él, ella) está
(ESTAR) you (formal) are
(usted) está
(ESTAR) we are
(nosotros) estamos
(ESTAR) you (pl) are
(vosotros) estáis
(ESTAR) they are
(ellos, ellas) están
(ESTAR) you (pl formal) are
(Ustedes) están
TO HAVE (infinitive)
I have
(yo) tengo
you have
(tú) tienes
he/she has
(él, ella) tiene
you (formal) have
(usted) tiene
we have
(nosotros) tenemos
you (pl) have
(vosotros) tenéis
they have
(ellos, ellas) tienen
you (pl formal) have
(Ustedes) tienen
TO COME (infinitive)
I come
(yo) vengo
You come
(tú) vienes
he/she/it comes
(él, ella) viene
you (formal) come
(usted) viene
we come
(nosotros) venimos
you (pl) come
(vosotros) venís
they come
(ellos, ellas) vienen
you (pl formal) come
(Ustedes) vienen
TO GO (infinitive)
I go
(yo) voy
you go
(tú) vas
he/she/it goes
(él, ella) va
you (formal) go
(usted) va
we go
(nosotros) vamos
you (pl) go
(vosotros) vais
they go
(ellos, ellas) van
you(pl formal) go
(Ustedes) van
TO SEE (infinitive)
I see
(yo) veo
you see
(tú) ves
he/she/it sees
(él, ella) ve
you (formal) see
(usted) ve
we see
(nosotros) vemos
you (pl) see
(vosotros) veis
they see
(ellos, ellas) ven
you (pl formal) see
(Ustedes) ven
I bring
(yo) traigo
you bring
(tú) traes
he/she/it brings
(él, ella) trae
you (formal) bring
(usted) trae
we bring
(nosotros) traemos
you (pl) bring
(vosotros) traéis
they bring
(ellos, ellas) traen
You (pl formal) bring
(Ustedes) traen
I know
(yo) conozco
you know
(tú) sabes
he she it knows
(él, ella) sabe
you (formal) know
(usted) sabe
we know
(nosotros) conocemos
you pl know
(vosotros) sabéis
they know
(ellos, ellas) conocen
you (pl formal) know
(Ustedes) conocen
He, she, it knows
(él, ella) conoce
you (pl) know
(vosotros) conocéis
TO BEGIN (infinitive)
I begin
(yo) comienzo
you begin
tú (vos) comienzas
he, she, it begins
(él, ella) comienza
you (formal) begin
(Usted) comienza
we begin
(nosotros) comenzamos
you (pl) begin
(vosotros) comenzáis
they begin
(ellos, ellas) comienzan
you (pl formal) begin
(Ustedes) comienzan

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