Glossary of Danish Verbs 2

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to write
at skrive
to listen
at høre
to see
at se
to play
at spille
to paint
at male
to draw
at tegne
to talk
at tele
to speak
at snakke
to eat
at spise
to drink
at drikke
to clean up
at vaske op
to cook
at lave mad
to read/study
at læser
to sleep
at sove
to have
at have (irrgular)
to be
at vare (irregular)
to do
at lave
to come
at komme
to be called/named
at hedde
to study
at studer
to live
at bo
to go
at gå
to love
at elske
to think
at synes
would you like to
vil du gerne
to help
at hjælpe

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