Glossary of Dance Phys Quiz II

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The skeleton provides _______; musculature provides ________.
structure; POWER
Function of Muscles:

to provide _____for _______ and maintenance of a body\'s position in ______as it works against a force like _____.

power;movement; space; gravity
General Types of Muscles(there are 3)
Smooth (vicera/organs)
Striated (voluntary)

2 Kinds of Striated Muscles:
Slow Twitch

Fast Twitch

-type of striated muscles
-slow to activate and deactivate

Slow Twitch Muscles
-type of striated muscles
-quick to activate and deactivate
-more superficial

Fast Twitch Muscles
Muscle Groups
-Prime Movers
-Neutralizers (synergists)
-Stabilizers (fixators)

What are muscles made of? (order from big to small)
tissue--> bundle of fiber-->myofibrils-->sarcomeres-->myofilaments=overlapping thick (myosin) and thin (actin) protein strands
Muscles only ____

Muscles contract in the ____ and ___equally on both ends

The action of a muscle on a joint will be determined by _____ _____ and the ____ of a muscle

Muscles must oppose _____ to produce or hold a position. If ______


center; pull

attachment point; path


The nervous system is the _____ of human _____ with ______ and ______ environments.
director; interaction; internal; external
2 Parts of the Nervous System
Central Nervous System and Peripheral Nervous System
-part of nervous system
-brain, brainstream, spinal cord
Central Nervous System
-type of nervous system
-nerves radiating out to all parts of the body
Peripheral Nervous system
-regulates viscer, resperation, hormones, cardiac muscle
Autonomic NS
regulates movement and the perception of movement
Somatic Nervous System
fundamental unit of the nervous system
3 parts of the Neuron
Dendrites - receive stimulation
Cell body - passes information on to
The Axon - which transmits impulses to the dendrites of other neurons

A Motor Unit is comprised of:
-a neuron
-a motor end plate (the point at which the neuron attaches to muscle fibers
-the muscle fibers to which a neuron is attached

type of neuron that carries input to the CNS
Sensory Neuron (afferent)
type of neuron that carries output to the muscles
Motor Neurons (efferent)
The law of ___ or _____ means that when a neuron is activated all the muscle fibers connected with that neuron _____
all; nothing; contract
connection point of a connection between neurons
space between neurons in the synapse
Synaptic gap

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