Glossary of DEP PQS 2 - Physical Readiness Program

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What is the state of being that includes strong, flexible muscles and an efficient system for getting oxygen & nutrients to the body.
True/False: Fitness is only the absence of disease
What are the 3 primary elements of a physical fitness program?
Aerobic (cardiovascular)
Muscular strength & endurance
What are activities such as running & swimming which help the heart, lungs & blood vessels become more effective at delivering muscles what they need to function – oxygen & glucose
Aerobic (cardiovascular) activities
What are activities such as push ups, curl ups, or weight training which help muscles become stronger and work repeatedly without undue fatigue.
Muscular strength & Endurance activities
What are stretching activities which are necessary to prevent injury to muscles & joints and allow efficient full range of motion.
Flexibility activities
What is the recommended exercise sequence to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury
Physical Activity
How often should the exercise sequence be conducted?
3-6 days per week
What are the 4 elements in the physical fitness/readiness test?
1.5 mile run
What is required for the Third Class Swimmer certification?
Enter water feet first from 10ft platform;
remain afloat for 5 minutes;
swim 50 yards using any stroke(s)

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