Glossary of D'autre expressions suivies d'une expression

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s'adresser a
to address oneself to
appartenir a
to belong to
arriver a
to arrive at
avoir besoin de
to need
avoir le courage de
to have the courage to
avoir envire de
to want to
avoir du gout pour
to have a taste for
avoir honte de
to be ashamed of
avoir horreur de
to dislike
avoir peur de
to be afraid of
se concenter sur
to concentrate on
croire en
to believe in
se deguiser en
to dress in
desobeir a
to disobey
divorcer de
to get divorced from
dominer sur
to dominate
echapper a
to escape from
entrer dans
to enter into
faire allusion a
to allude to
faire attention a
to pay attention to
faire face a
to face up to
faire fete a
to hold a party for someone
se familiariser avec
to familiarize oneself with
se moquer de
to make fun of
munir de
to fortify with
obeir a
to obey
s'occuper de
to concern oneself with
participer a
to participate in
partir pour
to leave for
penser a
to think about
plaire a
to please
prendre garde a
to pay attention to
reussir a
to succeed in
rever de
to dream about
rire de
to laugh about
songer a
to dream about
sortir de
to go out from
specialiser dans
to specialize in
tenir a
to cherish
tirer sur
to shoot at
tomber dans
to fall into
traiter de
to treat
se tromper de
to make a mistake about

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