Glossary of Cuisine

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abstain (v)
To refrain or resist voluntarily.
adequate (adj)
sufficient or suitable.
baste (v)
To moisten with a liquid during cooking.
consume (v)
To eat or drink.
container (n)
An item that holds something else; a receptacle.
convert (v)
To change into another form or state.
culinary (adj)
Having to do with food and cooking.
detergent (n)
A substance used to clean other objects.
dilute (v)
To reduce the concentration or strength of.
edible (adj)
Fit to be eaten.
entree (n)
The main course of a meal.
epicurean (adj)
Having to do with the pleasures of good food.
famished (adj)
Extremely Hungry.
fillet (n)
A boneless piece of meat or fish.
gluttonous (adj)
Having to do with eating or drinking in excess.
impermeable (adj)
Not permitting passage through.
masticate (v)
To chew.
reduce (v)
To decrease; to lessen.
smock (n)
A loose outer garmet.
tarnish (v)
To discolor; to stain

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