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In the TIT BHHH/FC DUMBII, what does T stand for?
Turks threaten Byzantine Empire
In the TIT BHHH/FC DUMBII, what does I stand for?
Increased trade with the MIddle East
In the TIT BHHH/FC DUMBII, what does B stand for?
Byzantine Empire is weakened
In the TIT BHHH/FC DUMBII, what does H stand for?
hopes to fight gor the glory of GOD
In the TIT BHHH/FC DUMBII, what does F stand for?
Four fuedal states set up
In the TIT BHHH/FC DUMBII, what does C stand for?
Cause organized anit-semitism
In the TIT BHHH/FC DUMBII, what does D stand for?
Damage the image of the Church
In the TIT BHHH/FC DUMBII, what does U stand for?
Use of coin money
In the TIT BHHH/FC DUMBII, what does M stand for?
Muslims regain control of Palistine
When did the crusades start?
1093 (with a letter from Byzantine)
1095 (Council at Clairmont)
When did the crusades end?
Causes of the first crusade
Byzantine Empire was being threatened by Palistine and requested help form the Pope
Christian Leader of the firsy crusade
Pope urban II
Majors Events of the First Crusade
Speech at Council at Clairmont
Capture of Jerusalem
4 fuedal states set up
Consequences of the first crusade
massacred Muslim and jews
Cause of the Second Crusade
(1187 Jerusalem fell to Muslim)
recapture jerusalem
Christian leader of the second crusade
pope urban II
Majors events of the second crusade
fail to recapture edessa and jerusalem
Cause of third crusade
to recapture jerusalem
Christian leader of 3rd crusade
Richard the lion hearted
Phillip Augustus
Fredrick Barbossa
Muslims leader of 3rd crusade
Major events of the 3rd crusade
richard and saladim made truce
muslims still owned land
Consquences of the 3rd crusade
christians were able to freely visit the holy land
Cause of fourth crusade
Venetian trade
capture jeruslaem
eliminate rivals/gain trade in Constantonople
Christian leader of fourth crusade
Pope innocent the II
Major events of the 4th crusade
constantanople was looted (chruches included)
Consquences of the 4th crusade
weakened byzantine empire
split between east and west church
Who wanted the forth crusade...was it really a crusade
Venetian merchants...wasnt really a holy war unless the pope was a mercahtn...more for economical gain
Bernard of Clairvaux
clergy memeber
calls for second crusade because Turks have Edessa
Richard the Lion Hearted
involved in the third crusade, the only one who made it to the fuedal states
muslim leader
bills of exchange
a promise to pay
safer than carrying gold around
The practice of lending money and charging the borrower interest, especially at an exorbitant or illegally high rate.

Church though was immoral because the rich would stay rich

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