Glossary of Court Cases and rights

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Which case decides that black armbands are not allowed?
Tiker V. DesMoines
What was the issue?
if the mandatory moment of silence was constitutional
What was the supreme court decision?
In favor of Jafreebecause there is a freedom from Religion and It fractured the 1st amendment
Caught smoking in the restroom
The case for taking out the article of Divorse, sex and booze
Hazelwood Vs. Kuhlmier
What was the supreme court decision?`
Hazelwood because of the publisher itself was indeed the final Editor and caould take out anything objectionable
The case of the moment of silence with prayer
Wallace Vs. Jaffree
Explain this quote IT can hardly be argued that Students and teachers can Shed their constutional rights to freedom of speech and expression at the school house gate students in and out of school are persons under the consttution
the Students can express their selves withourt getting penalized for it they are represented by the consttution as well

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