Glossary of Conversation

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19. Did you bring your notebook here last week?
Yes, I had it here last week.
13. Are they students?
Yes, they are students.
5. Are you Australian?
No. I was born in _________________. I am _________________.
9. Is it a red pen?
No, it is a black one?
4. Is your friend Australian?
No. ____ was born in _____________. ___ is ________________.
21. Why does he want my pen?
So he can write in his notebook.
6. May I have your address and phone number, please?
My address is _____________ _____________________, and my phone number is _________________ .
10. I have no pen. Will he give it to me?
No. But you can have one of mine.
11. Are you a teacher?
No, I am a student.
12. Is your friend a student?
Yes, we are both students.
15. My pen is black. Is your pen the same colour as mine?
Yes, my pen is black too. It is the same colour as yours.
3. Are you and your friend teachers?
No. We are students.
14. I am a student too.
We are all students.
17. Will you bring your pen with you?
Yes, I will bring my pen with me.
18. What do you use your notebook for?
I write notes in my notebook.
16. Will you be at this class next week?
Yes, I will be here next week.
20. The teacher wants my pen. Will I give it to him?
Yes, put it on the table for him.
1. Hi, how are you?
I am well, thank you. How are you?
2. I am well too, thank you. My name is Jim. J..I..M. What is your name?
My name is _____________. __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ .

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