Glossary of Convergences: Introduction

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"We usually know that a work is complex when we cannot easily produce a brief summary or main point..that gives us the gist of the entire work."
definition; point, main point or idea

word parts don't help: (to lie)

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"Some works may explicitly state their purpose. A newspaper editorial endorsing a political candidate may ask you directly to go out and vote for that candidate."
definition: stated directly, explained thoroughly so that accurate understanding of the meaning is possible just from the words used

meaning parts: ex = out; plic = fold ("folded out or made clear)

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"What stance is adopted at the beginning and how does it change?"
p. XLI
definition: position or stand; point of view

word parts: stan = to stand

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medium/media (pl.)
mass media

"It is easy to forget that media exist. We often look past the means of communication and think that what we are hearing and seeing is real."
definition: a "channel of communication" through which a message is communicated. For example, newspapers, books, radio, tv, web sites, CD-ROM's are different kinds of media (from p. XXXVII).

word parts: med = middle

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"We can look at how authors explain things to infer how much of an expert they expect their readers to be."
p. XLl
definition: to figure out, guess at

meaning parts: in = into, fer = to carry (to carry our background knowledge into what is said or presented to guess at what is not said or presented)

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"to understand...a newspaper editorial...we need to be attentive to the medium through which we experience it."
definition: something used to transmit or carry something else

meaning parts: med = middle
(what is "in the middle" between the artist or writer and the receiver; for example, paint, sound, printed words, etc. are different mediums for creating meaning)

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"Painting was considered high art while photography "fought to gain that status."
p. Lll
definition: position or place, high standing

word parts: stat = stand

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"Artists, writers,..are attuned to how various media can be combined and refashioned to transform conventional patterns of expression.
definition: done in the usual, ordinary, or customary way

meaning parts: con = together; ven = com (the way things usually come together)

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"A huge iceberg and the luxury liner 'Titanic' converged in the North Atlantic."
definition: to come together at a single point from different directions.

meaning parts: con = together; verge = bend

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"try to find an insight or innertruth to the message that you're trying to convey"
definition: to communicate, "to serve as a medium for the movement or delivery of something, such as ideas or messages"

meaning parts: con = together; vey/voy/via = way (as in convey, to go via a certain way)

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