Glossary of Constitution of the United States

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Article 1
Organizing the Legislative Branch
Article 1 Section 1
Legislative branch consists of Senate and House of Representatives
Article 1 Section 2
Organization of House of Representatives
Article 1 Section 3
Organization of the Senate
Article 1 Section 4
Election Regulations and Assembly Requirement (once a year)
Article 1 Section 5
Regulations of Assembly
Article 1 Section 6
Article 1 Section 7
Passing Bills and Submitting Bills to President
Article 1 Section 8
Domestic and Foreign Powers, e.g. taxes, army, commerce, etc.
Article 1 Section 9
Slave Importation Clause, habeas corpus, restrictions on taxing,
Article 1 Section 10
Restrictions of state power
Article 2
Executive Branch
Article 2 Section 1
President of United States. electoral college and regulations, e.g. impeachment
Article 2 Section 2
Presidential powers
Article 2 Section 3
State of the Union and emergency sessions of Congress
Article 2 Section 4
removal from office due to impeachment
Article 3
Judiciary Branch
Article 3 Section 1
Supreme Court
Article 3 Section 2
Extension of Judicial Power, trial by jury
Article 3 Section 3
Article 4
States' Powers
Article 4 Section 1
Full credit to laws of other states
Article 4 Section 2
Cooperation of States
Article 4 Section 3
New States
Article 4 Section 4
Protection of States by Federal Govt
Article 5
Right to make ammendments
Article 6
debts occured prior to constitution still in force, Supreme Law of the Land, government officials bound by oath
Article 7
Ammendmet 1
religion, speech, press, assembly, petition
Ammendment 2
militia, bear arms
Ammendment III
no soldier quarted in home
Ammendment IV
privacy and warrants
Ammendment V
grand jury, due process of law
Ammendment VI
trial by peers in state and district where crime was commited
Ammendment VII
One time tried, civil suits with jury
Ammendment VIII
excessive bail or cruel and unusual punishment
Ammendment IX
writes in constitution not the only rights
Ammendment X
powers not given by Constitution are retained by the states and people
Ammendment XI
judicial power of US not to extend to suits between citizen and state or foreigners
Ammendment XII
ballot voting
Ammendment XIII
Abolition of slavery
Ammendment XIV
citizens if born in US, representation according to actual census(no 3/5 clause), Confederates prohibited from office, Debt
Ammendment XV
right to vote for all men
Ammendment XVI
income tax
Ammendment XVII
direct election of senators
Amendment XVIII
Amendment XIX
women vote
Amendment XX
beginning and end of term of president
Amendment XXI
prohibtion repealed
Amendment XXII
2 term limit
Amendment XXIII
representation of DC
Amendment XXIV
poll tax
Amendment XXV
vice president president upon death of president
Amendment XXVI
18 yr old vote
Amendment XXVII
salary of congressmen

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