Glossary of Common Ions-Gen. Chem.(Dr. Ward)-LSMSA

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Perchlorate Ion
SO3 2-
Sulfite Ion
Hypochlorite Ion
Chromium (II) Ion
Chromium (III)Ion
Cyanide Ion
Chlorite Ion
Hydrogen carbonate Ion
CO3 2-
Carbonate Ion
Hydride Ion
Pb 2+
Lead Ion
Hg2 2+
Mercury (I) Ion
HSO4 -
Hydrogen Sulfate Ion
SO4 2-
Sulfate Ion
HSO3 -
Hydrogen Sulfite Ion
H2PO4 -
Dihydrogen Phosphate Ion
HPO4 2-
Hydrogen Phosphate Ion
Li +
Lithium Ion
Na +
Sodium Ion
K +
Potassium Ion
Rb +
Rubidium Ion
Cs +
Cesium Ion
Mg 2+
Magnesium Ion
Ca 2+
Calcium Ion
Sr 2+
Strontium Ion
Ba 2+
Barium Ion
Al 3+
Aluminum Ion
Zn 2+
Zinc Ion
Ag 2+
Silver Ion
Fe 2+
Iron (II) Ion
Fe 3+
Iron (III) Ion
Co 2+
Cobalt (II) Ion
Co 3+
Cobalt (III) Ion
Cu +
Copper (I) Ion
Cu 2+
Copper (II) Ion
Hg 2+
Mercury (II) Ion
F -
Flouride Ion
Cl -
Chloride Ion
Br -
Bromide Ion
I -
Iodide Ion
O 2-
Oxide Ion
S 2-
Sulfide Ion
N 3-
Nitride Ion
NH 4+
Ammonium Ion
C2H3O2 -
Acetate Ion
ClO3 -
Chlorate Ion
CrO4 2-
Chromate Ion
Cr2O7 2-
Dichromate Ion
OH -
Hydroxide Ion
NO3 -
Nitrate Ion
PO4 3-
Phosphate Ion
S2O3 2-
Thiosulfate Ion
C2O4 2-
Oxolate Ion
MnO4 -
Permanganate Ion
Sn 2+
Tin (II) Ion
NO2 -
Nitrite Ion

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