Glossary of Come and Go

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to come
I come
vengo (vehn-goh)
You come (sing.)
vieni (vee-en-nee)
He/She comes
viene (vee-en-eh)
We come
veniamo (ven-ee-ah-moh)
You come (pl.)
venite (ven-ee-teh)
They come
vengono (ven-goh-noh)
to go
I go
vado (vah-doh)
you go (sing.)
vai (vah-ee)
he/she goes
va (vah)
we go
andiamo (ahn-dee-ah-moh)
you go (pl.)
andate (ahn-dah-teh)
they go
vanno (vahn-noh)
I don't come to school by car
Non vengo a scuola in macchina
I am going to eat now.
Vado a mangiare adesso.

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