Glossary of Color Theory 2

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White represents what symbolically?
The brightness or dullness of a color is called:
What are three sets of complementary colors?
red and green, blue and orange, and yellow and violet
What colors are effective for showing atmospheric distance?
Cool colors: blues, blue greens and blue violets
Traditionally, green can represent this human emotion.
The lightness or darkness of a color is:
Which colors cannot be made from other colors?
Primary colors/red, yellow and blue
What is a hue?
The name of a color, like magenta
Seeing red means you are this in symbolism.
If you mix yellow with black, what is the resulting color?
Name 4 cool analogous colors
blue violet, blue, blue green, green
What colors are made from two primary colors?
Secondary colors: green, orange and violet
Name 5 warm analogous colors
red violet, red, red orange, orange and yellow orange
One color plus black and white is what type of color scheme?
Using color as a symbol, yellow can represent what traditionally?
What colors are always cool?
Any color with blue in it:Blue violet, blue green, blue, for example
Feeling sad or depressed is often called feeling_____.
One color plus white is called a:
This is often viewed as the color of royalty.
These colors are mixed from one primary and one secondary color.
Tertiary or intermediate colors
Black is often used to represent this side of human nature:
One color plus black is a:
What are the three secondary colors?
Green, orange, and violet
Adding blue to orange produces what color?
What are the three primary colors?
Red, yellow and blue
What are the 6 tertiary colors?
red-violet, blue-violet, blue-green, yellow-green, yellow-orange, and red-orange
These colors are next to each other on the colorwheel.
What colors are used to emphasize highlights?
Warm colors like yellows, pinks, and oranges
These colors are opposites on the colorwheel.

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