Glossary of Colonial Thematic Unit

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What would a miller be responsible for doing?
a. mill trees for lumber
b. grind grain into flour
c. fix and operate the mill
d. none of the above
e. all of the above
all of the above
What does the term "pence" mean?
Unit if British money.
7 times 6 is?
Name 4 of the Original 13 Colonies.
New Hampsire, Connecticut, Massachussetts (Maine), New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Rhode Island
8 times 8 is?
When a light is turned on, the circuit will be a complete or _________ kind of circuit.
The fraction 25/25 (25 over 25) equals what WHOLE number?
True or False? A proverb is a brief statement about a commonly held belief or statement.
If you divide a cookie up into 3 EQUAL parts, you have just divided the cookie into what?
"A home away from home." Is this sentence an example of a Colonial or modern day proverb?
Since people in the Colonial times didn't have electricity, what did they rely on for light?
candles, sun, fireplace, moon, etc.
The 13 Original Colonies were divided up into 3 different regions. What are those regions?
The Southern, Middle, and New England Colonies
Which of the following was NOT a primary reason for coming to America: Expand trade, religious and social freedom, farming, education, or vacations.
True or False? A blacksmith is someone who forges and shapes iron. A blacksmith may use a forge, tongs, bellows, a hammer, and an anvil to shape iron.
What do you think the word "convey" means?
a. read
b. transport
c. excited
d. hot
B. Transport
Name at least two electrical appliance.
stove, oven, car, lamp, radio, tv,vcr, refrigerator, etc.
What is 2 times 1/3 of 6?

1/3 of 6= 2
2 times 2= 4
Which is a way that we do NOT use electrcity: lighting, heating, travel, communication, sleeping
When a light is turned off, the cicuit will be an incomplete or _________ circuit.
3/6 will reduce down to what fraction?
What is 1/2 of 30?
"To light up like a Christmas tree." Is this sentence an exmple of a Colonial or modern day proverb?
Modern Day
True or False? Benjamin Franklin invented the lightening rod.
Ben Franklin was NOT which of the following: a painter, an inventor, a statesman, or a printer
A painter
Which is NOT a safety tip for using electricity: Stay away from fallen power lines, never use a hair dryer next to the bath tub, play with electrical sockets.
What colony is William Penn famous for founding?
True or False? George Washington was named the Commander-in-chief of the army during the Revolutionary War.
What colony was the first successful colony? (Jamestown)
True or False? George Washington was born in Massachusetts.
Which of the following is NOT a job that a carpenter would normally do: design and put together cabinets, make furniture, or create pottery.
Create Pottery
True or False? Benjamin Franklin was the author of Poor Richard's Almanac.
True or False? Electricity is caused by a chain reaction.
How did Ben Franklin discover the true power of lightening?
By flying a kite attached to a metal key during a thunder storm.
Which of the original 13 Colonies was Maine considered a part of?
A battery is an example of a(n): conductor, power source, light, or food.
Power source
Who "discovered" electricity?
Ben Franklin
True or False? A chain reaction is held together by only ONE link.
True or False? James Oglethorpe was the founder of Georgia.
Which types of people came to America: slaves, criminals, people suffering persecutions, families, military men, or all of the above?
What is 1/2 of 2 times 4?

2 times 4= 8

1/2 of 8= 4
Name two chief products that came from the Colonies.
fish, lumber, cattle, fur, rum, iron, grain, tobacco, rice, indigo, shipping

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