Glossary of Civil War Chapter 19 Part 1

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was the Confederate general killed at Shiloh
was a Union ironclad
was the first person in charge of the Union army
was a woman doctor who tried to help with hospital care of the injured
led Confederate forces at First Bull Run
was Winfield Scott's plan for a Union victory
was where Johnston attacked Grant in Tennessee
was a Confederate ironclad
was the South Carolina fort where the first shots were fired
Lincoln's Inaugural Address
said that he would maintain the Union, and that the Confeds had no right no leave, assured South that he didn't want to abolish slavery.
Sumter battle
first battle: Beauergard (C) and Anderson (U) -- Anderson ran the fort -- Confeds block it off
What states joined the Confederacy later?
N.C, VA, Tennesee, and Arkansas
Which states joined the Union from the border
Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, West VA
Northern advantages
population - industry - wealth - railroads - Navy
South advantages
better generals - military tradition - only needed to defend - more spirit
Who was first put in charge of the Northern army?
Winfield Scott
What was the problem with the Anaconda Plan
It would take a long time
First Battle of Bull Run was also called?
Battle of Manassas Junction
First Battle of Bull Run
McDowell (U) - Beauergard (C) - same size armies - Jackson started pushing Union back -- casualties were 5000
in charge of Army of the Potomac
in charge of Western Union forces - "old Brains" - relied on Grant to fight
Confed general in the West - split army to defend vulnerabilities
Peninsula Campaign
McClellan's plan to go by sea to invade the peninsula and go up toward Richmond
Seven Days' Battles
Lee tries to force McClellan to retreat back to the bottom of the peninsula - Confed victory
Halleck's plan
to abandon the peninsula and move back toward D.C. - join with Pope's army and attack south - Lee figures out the plan and sends Jackson + himself toward Pope
2nd Battle of Bull Run
Pope follows Jackson while Lee is heading toward Pope - ends up fighting at Bull Run again - Southern victory
Why did Lee try to invade the north?
to break the Union's spirit
How did McClellan learn about Lee's plan to invade the north?
his soldiers found a map detailing what Lee's split armies are supposed to do
Battle at Antietam
McClellan learns about the invade-the-north plan and goes to wait for Lee's army, but he hesitates and prevents a bigger Union victory - Union victory
Significance of Antietam battle
bloodiest single day battle
US naval ship sunk in harbor - South brings it up and renames it the Virginia - becomes ironclad
Federal ironclad ship
Strategies in the West
Confed - to stop union advance

Union - to take control of West states and control the Mississippi
George Thomas
Union General - able to force Confeds out of Kentucky
Fort Henry
Confed fort on Tennessee River - Grant attacks with army + navy - takes fort
Fort Donelson
another Confed fort attacked by Grant by army + navy - Grant demands unconditional surrender
takes Nashville - moves into Tennessee to support Grant
Beauergard + Johnston attack Grant - Union retreats + Johnston dies - Buell joins Grant and it's a Union victory
where the Confeds retreat to - another Union victory
New Orleans taker - for the Union
Confed general - wins battles in Kentucky -
battle at Perrysville
Buell vs. Bragg - North wins - Buell lets Bragg go
Union - replaces Buell + goes after Bragg
fought on New Years Eve - Rosecrans vs. Bragg - no clear winner, nothing gained
Confed commander at vicksburg
Grant lays siege and gets Vicksburg, gaining control of the Mississippi River
Pea Ridge
Pro-south people in Missouri vs. pro-north people - north wins
lost to Lee at Second Bull Run
was the last Confederate stronghold on the Mississippi until Grant arrived
was a Confederate fort in Tennessee captured by Grant
was the Union general who fought at Murfreesboro
was the Union general who won at Nashville
attacked McClellan in the Seven Days Battle
led the Union forces at First Bull Run
were the Indians who helped the Confederates at Pea Ridge
was the city taken by David Farragut's naval attack
New Orleans
was nicknamed "Unconditional Surrender"
was the number of states that seceded before Lincoln took office
was the Confederate who lost at Perrysville
led the Peninsula Campaign
was where McClellan stopped Lee's northern advance
was nicknamed "Old Brains"

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