Glossary of Chinese Lessons Shanghai

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chīfàn 吃饭
have meal
Nin(ni) Hao Ma?
How are you?
HenHao, xiexie!
Fine, thanks
Nin ne?
and you?
Wo ye hen hao, xie xie.
I ‘m fine too, thank you.
Ma ma Hu hu
Bu hen hao
not very good
Ni shi na guo ren?
Where are you from?
Jian dao ni hen gao xing
Glad to meet to you
Wo ye hen gao xing
Glad to meet you too
Ni qu Nali?
Where are you going?
Wo qu shang zhong wen ke
I am going to take a Chinese lesson.
Ni chi wufan le ma?
Have you had your lunch?
Chi le.
yes, I have.
Mei you
No. I haven’t
Qingwen, nin xing sheme?
May I ask your surname, please?
Wo wing Wong, nin ne?
My surname is Wong, and yours?
Wo xing Zhang, nin jiao shenme mingzi?
My family name is Zhang, what is your full name?
Wo jiao Wang Xiaoming, nin ne?
My name is Wang Xiaoming, and you?
Wo jiao Zhang Lili
My name is Zhang Lili
Ta jiao shenme mingzi?
what is her name?
Ta shi wo de mama (baba)
She is my mother (father)
Ta shi wo de xiansheng (taitai)
He is my husband (wife)
Ta shi wo de gege (didi)
He is my elder brother (younger brother)
Ta shi wo de jiejie (meimei)
She is my elder sister (younger sister)
Ni jia li you ji ge ren?
How many people are there in your family?
Wu jia li you wu ge ren
There are five people in our family
Ni you ji ge hai zi?
How many children do you have?
Wo you san ge hai zi
I have three kids
Ni you ji ge zhong guo pengyou?
How many Chinese friends do you have?
Wo you liu ge zhong guo pengyou
I have six Chinese friends
Pudong you ji ge jia le fu?
How many Carrefours are there in PuDong?
You er ge
There are two
Ni de xiao er zi duo da?
How old is your younger son?
Ta shi liu sui.
He is sixteen.
Ni de da er zi duo da?
How old is your elder son?
Ta er shi sui.
He is twenty.
Ni de nǘ er duo da?
How old is your daughter?
Ta shi yi sui.
She is eleven.
Ni duo da le?
How old are you?
Wo sishi wu sui le.
I am forty five years old.
Ni mama duoda le?
How old is your mother?
Wo mama liushi wu sui
My mother is 65 years old.
Ta jiejie duo da le?
How old is her elder sister?
Ta jie jie wushi yi sui le.
Her elder sister is fifty one

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