Glossary of Chinese Conversationals

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Ni3 she1nti1 ha3o ma?
How is your health?
Ni3 go1ngzuo4 ma2ng ma?
Are you busy with your work?
He3n ma2ng. Ni3 ne?
Yes, very much. And you?
Wo3 bu2 ta4i ma2ng.
I am not very busy.
Ni3 ba4ba, ma1ma she1nti3 ha3o ma?
How are your father and mother?
Wo3 jia4o Ma3li
I am Mary
Re4nshi ni3, he3n ga1oxi4ng.
I am pleased to meet you.
Ni2n gui4 xing?
May I know your name?
Ni3 jia4o she2nme mi2ngzi?
What's your name?
Ta1 xi4ng she2nme?
What's his name?
Ta1 bu2 la3oshi1, ta1 shi4 xue2sheng.
She is not a teacher. She is a student.
Wo3 bu2 re4nshi na4 ge re2n, ta1 jia4o she2nme?
I don't know that person. What's her name?
Zhan1g la3oshi1 za4i jia1 ma?
Is Mr Zhang at home?
Wo3 shi4 Zha1ng la3oshi1 de xue2sheng.
I am Mr Zhang's student.
no2ngma4o shi4cha3ng
a market of farm produce

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