Glossary of Chemistry of Esty's Chapter 5

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1. Define Chemistry.
Science that deals with the composition of structure and properties of material and how it changes.
2. Define the two branches of Chemistry.
Organic and inorganic.
3. Define Matter.
Any substance that occupies space, has physical, chmeical properties.
4. Describe the three forms of Matter.
Solid, liquid or gas.
5. Define element.
The simplest form of matter and cannot be broken down into a simpler substance without the loss of identity.
6. Define the difference between and element and a compound.
Element:2 or more atoms of the same element that united chemically. Compound:chemical combinations of 2 or more atoms of different elements.
7. What does ph stand for?
Potiental Hydrogen
8. What is the scale of ph?
Degree of acidity or alkalinity and is measured on a scale 0-14.
9. Are acid above or below a ph of 7?
10.Define solution.
Blended mixture of 2 or more solids, liquids or gases.
11. What is a solute?
It is the dessolved substance in a solution.
12. What is a solvent?
It is a substance, usually a liquid, that dissolves another substance to form a solution with no change in chemical composition.
13. Which is not capable of being mixed, miscible or immiscible?
14. Define suspension.
A state in which solid paricles are distributed throughout a liquid meduim.
15. Define emulsion.
It is a mixture of 2 or more immiscible substances united with the aid of a binder or emmulsifier.
16. What does the head of the surfactant molecule that is hydrophilic mean?
Water loveing.
17. Define oil in water(o/w)
Oil droplets are suspended in a waterbase.
18. Define wate in oil (w/o)
Droplets of water are suspended in an oilbase.

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