Glossary of Chemistry Definitions from Chapter 4

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a charged atom or group of atoms
positive ions
negative ions
polyvalent metal
metals that have more than one oxidation level (aka change)
polyatomic ion
a charged group of covalently charged atoms that behave as a single group
vertical column of elements in the periodic table
Law of Definite Proportions
Whenever 2 elements form more than one compound, the masses of the second element that combine with a constant mass of the first element are always in ratios of small whole numbers
able to be drawn into wire
binary compound
a compound that contains 2 and only 2 elements
one of a class of elements having properties of both metals and nonmetals
able to be shaped by hammering
ternary compound
a compound that contains 3 and only 3 elements
compound that begins with the H+ ion
pure substance that cannot be broken by chemical or physical charges
pure substance composed of 2 or more elements combined chemically in definate proportions
smallest paricle of an element that retains the properties of that element
a neutral group of atoms that are combined chemically and act as a unit
chemical symbol
a shorthand represent of an element
chemical formula
a shorthand representation for a molecule or formula unit
molecular formula
a formula for a compound as it exists in nature
formula unit
lowest whole-number ratio of ions in an ionic compound

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