Glossary of Chemistry- atomic spectrum ect. review

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Definition of Hertz
SI unit for frequency
Definition of Atomic Orbital
The region around the nucleus where an electron (abbreviated as E-) is most likely to be found (cloud shape)
Definition of Spectrum
Range of light seen when passed thru a prism.
Definition of Atomic Emission Spectrum
Lines of colored light obtained by passing light emited by an element thru a prism.
Definition of Quantum of energy.
Amount of energy needed to move an electron (aka: E-) from one energy level up to the next higher.
Definition of Amplitude
Hieght of a wave from origin to crest.
Definition of wavelength
Distance between the crests of a frequency's waves.
Definition of energy level
electrons most likely to be moving around the nucleus.
Definition of Aufbau principal
electrons enter orbitals of lowest energy first.
Definition of frequency
Number of wave cycles to pass a given point per a unit of time.

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