Glossary of Chapter one from geography

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Spatial analysis
study of how people,objects,or ideas are or arnt related to another across space
how much space did you decide to illustrate on the paper
study of earth's physical processes to learn how they work,how they affect humans, and how they are affected by humans in return
physical geography
study of various aspects of human life that create the distinctive landscapes and regions of the world
human geography
title,caption,legend give...
basic info about the map
measures distance north adn south of the equator
measures distance east and west of the Prime Meridian
location of the prime meridian
greenwich, england
which comes first, latitude or longitude
one degree equals how many minutes
how many miles is 1 degree of latitude
The analysis of the geographic characteristics of a particular place
regional geography
unit of the earth's surface that contains distinct patterns of physical features or of human activities
entire world
global scale
largest divisions of the globe
world region

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