Glossary of Chapter 8 Mass Media and Public Opinion

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Chapter 8
Mass Media and Public Opinion
History 12
Chapter 8
Mass Media and Public Opinion
History 12
Public Opinion
those attitudes held by a significant number of persons on matters of government and politics
Opinion Leader
any person who, for any reason, has a more than usual influence on the views of others
refers to the instructions or commands a constituency gives to its elected officials
Interest Group
private organizations whose members share certain views and work to shape the making and content of public policy
Public Opinion Poll
a device that attempts to collect information about public opinion by asking people questions
a representative slice of the total universe
Random Sample
a sample in which each member of the universe and each geographic area within it have a mathematically equal chance of being included within the sample
a means of communication
Mass Media
means of communication that can reach large, widely dispersed audiences simultaneously
Sound Bite
snappy reports that can be aired in 30 or 45 seconds or so

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