Glossary of Chapter 8 Attention and Scene Perception

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What is a visual search?
finding a target amongst distractions
What is a feature search?
only one feature to search through
What is a conjunction search?
more than one feature to search through
What is spatial configuration?
stimuli are overlapped with distractors
What is rapid serial visual presentation?
-view steam of letters
-look for letter or #
-can do 8-10 items per sec
-attentional task
What is an attentional blink?
the difficulty of perceiving and responding to the second of 2 stimuli amid a rapid stream of distractions if observer has responded to the first target stimulus within 200 to 500 m/s before the second is presented
What is neglect?
the inability to respond to a stimuli in contralesional visual field
What is extinction?
the inability to perceive a stimulus in the presence of another stimulus
What is change blindness
failture to notice a change between 2 scenes
What is spatial layout?
when there is a limited amount of time to see an image, the brain might only gather a limited amount of object
What inattetional blindness
when focused on something, might miss something else that is out of place in image

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