Glossary of Chapter 7 Test

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About what percent of people marry by age 40?
A. 99%
B. 95%
c. 85%
D. 75%
B. 95%
Whwn both the husband and wife work, the family is called
A. A career-oriented familt
B.a two- career familt
C. a blended family extended family
B. a two - career family
The average age for the first marriage for women is now
A. 20
B. 22
C. 24
D. 26
C. 24
The number of children under age 18 with a single parent is about
A. 1 out 0f 4
B. 2 out of 4
C. 3 out 0f 4
D. almost all
A. 1 out of 4
Which of the following will NOT help improve family communication?

A. Turning on the television
B. having a family meeting
C. writing a letter to family members
D. talking while working together
A. turning on the television
Which of the following is helpful if your parents are getting a divorce?

A. taking care of your own health
B. keeping everything to yourself
C. considering yourself the cause
D. watching parents argue
A. taking care of your own health
A pregnancy that was decided upon before conception is called

A. a planned pregnancy
B. an unplanned pregnancy
C. a teen pregnancy
D. a misconception
A. a planned pregnancy
The custom of using a best man and ushers at a wedding probably was first used. a courtesy
B. to help people find seats
C. to help the groom dress
D. to prevent bride - stealing
D. to prevent bride - stealing
Approximately how much money will 4 yrs of education cost for a person entering college in the year 2000?

A. about $5,000 B. about $45,000
C. about $60,000 D. about $100,000
B. about $45,000
Increased father involvement in child rearing has been linked to

A. more masculine behavior
B. more introverted behavior
C. an incresa in child abuse
D. higher grades
D. Higher grades
Everyone agrees that a prenuptial agreement is a good idea.
In ancient times marriage was a business and social contract.
Most states require a waiting period before marriage.
Americans now are marring at later ages.
What parents do is a more important teacher than what they say.
A mature person blames others for mistakes.
Teens who marry due to pregnancy usually divorce.
Divorce legally ends a marriage.
Of every 10 who divorce for the first time, 8 will remarry.
Amoung college-educated people,delaying childbearing is on the increase.
Adaptation to married life-style is called?
marital adjustment
Having children at the age of 30s and 40s is called?
delayed parenthood
A mother employed outside the home is called?
working mother
Assuming legal responsibility for children is called?
Meeting needs of parent is called?
parent wellness
Supplied by good parenting
" roots and wings"
Establishing clear rules for child behavior.
Setting limits
Before marriage
Not decided on before conception
unplanned pregnancy
Same misbehavior results in different consequences.
random punishment
What are 5 physical needs parents must filfill for their children.
1. food
2. shelter
3. clothing
4. sleep
5. exercise
How can parents fulfill these emotional needs?

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