Glossary of Chapter 6 Voc.

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An objective, thrid party expert used to help solve disputes.
A clash or streggle that sometimes occurs when individuals or groups have different points of view.
To pull away from a volatile situation and give the other party time to cool off before attempating to resolve the conflict.
A reaction or response to what is swaid, indviding verbal and nonverbal communication.
The words that surround a paticular word or passage that can shed light on the meaning of the word or passage.
Bargaining through persuasion rather than argument to resolve dispates between two or more individures or groups.
Sending and receiving messages; an exchange of thoughts, ideas, and beliefs between two or more people.
Facial expressions and body positions that relay a persons feeling.
Nonverbal Communication.
Words a person uses in speech or writing.
Active Voc.
To supervise or cheak for accuracy.
The words a person understands when he or she reads, them or hears them spoken.
Recognition Voc.
A change in tone or pitch of a persons vaile used to convex meaning.
A written document sent to someone outside of a company usually formal in style and tone.
Business Letter.
The ability to understand another person's feeling or motives.
To encourage or make something easier to accomplish.
A note sent within a company used to aid the menory of the recipient usually concerning office matters in a company.
when each member of a negotiation gives up some of its demands and meets the other side halfway.
A listening technique that requires the listen repeat the speakers ideas or thoughts in his or her own words.

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