Glossary of Chapter 6 History Bold Terms

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Edwin Drake
successfully use a steam engine to drill for oil near Titusville, Pennsylvania
Bessemer Process
technique that involced injecting air into molten iron to remove the carbon and transform it into steel
Thomas Edison
became a pioneer on the new industrial frontier when he established the world's first research laboratory in Menlo Park, New Jersey
Christopher Sholes
invented the typewriter in 1867
Alexander Graham Bell
invented the telephone
transcontinental railroad
a railroad line linking the Pacific and Atlantic coasts of the United States; finished in 1869
George Pullman
built a factory for manufacturing sleepers and other railroad cars on the prarie miles from the center of Chicago
Credit Mobilier
a construction company that the Union Pacific Railroad created that enables them to skim off railroad money for themselves
Munn v. Illinois
the Supreme Court upheld the Granger laws by a vote of seven to two
Interstate Commerce Act
reestablished the right of the federal government to supervise railroad activities and established the ICC
Andrew Carnegie
strong laborer who moved to the US when he was 13

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