Glossary of Chapter 5 Vocab form Gov't by the People

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Selective Perception based on individual background, attitudes, and biases that leads one to believe in the superiority of one's nation or ethnic group.
Political Socialization
The process by which we develop our political attitudes, values, and beliefs.
The study of the characteristics of a populations.
Political predisposition
A characteristic of individuals that is predictive of political behavior.
Reinforcing Cleavages
Divisions within a society that reinforce one another, making groups more homogeneous or similar.
Cross-cutting Cleavages
Divisions within a society that cut accross demographic categories to produce groups that are more heterogeneous or different.
Manifest Destiny
A notion held by nineteenth century Mericans that the US was destined to rule the continent, from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans.
A grouping of human beings with common characteristics presumed to be transmitted genetically.
A socail division based on national origin, religion, language, and often, race.
Gender Gap
The difference between the political opinions of men and of women.
Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
An estimate of all economic activity of a nation, including goods and services.
Socioeconomic Status
A division of population based on occupation, income, and education

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