Glossary of Chapter 5 Cody

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pleasant or agreeable
unspoken communication through physical movements, expressions, and gestures
body language
fit into
after high school
post secondary
to verify or make firm, such as calling to check on an appointment
a thank-you letter sent to an interviewer following a job interview
follow-up letter
a face-to-face meeting between a job seeker and a potential employer
job interview
to evaluate somone or something, such as a potential employer
general equivelancy diploma
a certified, experienced, skilled craftsperson who has succesfully completed an apprenticeship
journey worker
the largest type of institution of higher learning, composed of several undergraduate colleges and graduate school for advanced study
a four-year degree that is sometimes called a bachelor's degree or undergraduate degree.
baccalaureate degree
types of jobs available
employment structure
unions of craftsmen
a school privately owned and operated for profit.
home study
correspondence courses
a federally administered employment and training program that serves severely disadvantaged young people
job corps
the specific details of a job offer, such as working hours, salary wages, and fringe benefits
conditions of employment
a wide range of education and training provided by employers for their employees
on the job training
a course of study that satisfies the admissions requirements for a specific professional school as part of the baccalaureate degree.
preprofessional programs
occupational training programs developed jointly by high schools and community colleges
tech prep
intended to train students in fields related to engineering and the physcal sciences
a policy of granting admission to all applicants without regard of grade point average, test scores, or class rank.
open admissions policy
imagined or pretend
has met certain minimum standards for its program of study, staff, and facilities
relationship between an employer and an employee during which the worker learns a trade

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