Glossary of Chapter 44

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quibus verbξs audξtξs
with which words having been heard, when they had heard this
let us go out
fϋr fϋris, m.
mκ custτde
with me as guard, while I am on guard
sella, sellae, f.
sedan-chair, seat, chair
surripiτ, surripere, surripuξ, surreptus
to steal
prehendτ, prehendere, prehendξ, prehκnsus
to seize
exsiliτ, exsilξre, exsiluξ
to leap out
cτnfugiτ, cτnfugere, cτnfϋgξ
to flee for refuge
pavξmentum, pavξmentξ, n.
tiled floor
subsequor, subsequξ, subsecϋtus sum
to follow (up)
lβbor, lβbξ, lβpsus sum
to slip, fall

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