Glossary of Chapter 3 The Constitution

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Chapter 3
The Constitution
History 12
Chapter 3
The Constitution
History 12
Popular Sovereignty
means the people are the only source of governmental power
Limited Government
government is not all-powerful, that it may do only those things that the people have given it the power to do
the governement must be conducted according to constitutional principles.
Rule of Law
government and its officers are always subject to-never above- the law
Checks and Balances
each branch is subject to a number of constitutional checks (restraints) by the other branches.
Judicial Review
the power to decide whether what government does is in accord with what the constitution provides
a governmental action found to violate some provision of the Constitution.
the division of power among a central government and several regional governments
Formal Amendment
changes or additions that become part of the written language of the Constitution itself
Informal Amendment
the process by which many changes have been made in the constitution that have not led to changes in the document's written words
Executive Agreement
a pact made by the President directly with the head of a foreign state

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