Glossary of Chapter 2 SAT Chemistry Terms

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the packets of energy that are released when an electron moves from excited state to ground state
Lyman Series
n = 1 UV rays
Balmer Series
n = 2 visible rays violet, blue. green
Paschen Series
n = 3
uncertainty principle
it is impossible to know both the precise location and precise velocity of a subatomic particle at the same time. (Heisenberg)
Louis de Broglie
suggested that particles have wavelike characteristics like light
Max Planck
quantum theory of light, light has wavelike and particle like characteristics
Pauli Exclusion Principle
in a given atom no two electrons can have the same set of 4 quantum numbers.
Aufbau Principle
the procedure used to find the ground state electron configuration of an atom or ion
Hund's Rule
electrons will occupy empty orbitals before pairing up in the same orbital
electron config d level switcher elements

(when d takes an electron from s)
cr and cu

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